There is some pictures of my first trip to Puerto Plata in over 2 years, I am so excited to come back after being far from my country for so long, I will be posting pictures of the city I was born in here in the Dominican Republic but for now, enjoy some of the touristic places I visited here in Puerto Plata.

This is “Parque Central” in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, This park around the holidays becomes a center of attention where people come to see different Christmas sculptures and listen to some Dominican made Christmas music. I enjoyed visiting this park because it connects me more to my birthplace here in the Dominican Republic.

These 3 pictures are from “El Malecon” in Puerto Plata, the pictures I took are not showing the full place but it is showings parts of the beach that I found to be very interesting and full of nature, the beaches In the Dominican Republic are beautiful but yet they are not all the same, they all have distinctive features that make them be different from one another.

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